Terms & Conditions of Registration:

Fees charged cover the costs of administration, catering, logistics and items for each delegate who registers for the IMESA conference.
Should a delegate fail to arrive without paying, having registered, IMESA still has to bear those costs.

By registering for the conference, you accept the following conditions as legally binding in the personal capacity of each delegate you register:

  1. Delegates who register and are unable to attend, can cancel in writing via registration@imesa.org.za before 31 August 2020 at NO CHARGE.
  2. Delegates who register and cancel in wiriting after 31 August 2020 but prior to the conference, are liable to pay a cancellation fee of R2 500,00.
  3. Delegates who register and DO NOT CANCEL in writing prior to the conference, are liable for the FULL FEE.

For any queries with regards to registration and billing, email: registration@imesa.org.za.